2016 Annual Convention

Arizona Grand Resort Hotel Reservation Method for SSMA Convention:

Hotel reservations for the conference will be made by each guest. Please call the reservations department at 877.800.4888 to make your reservations.  *To ensure a smooth hotel reservation process for all attendees, please confirm that “SSMA 2016 Annual Convention” is the event you refer to when making your reservations.  Please follow this link for more details for hotel accommodations during the convention – SSMA 2016 Annual Convention

September 29, 2016 is the deadline to book your hotel reservations at the SSMA rate!

Convention Registration:

Late registration begins September 23, 2016 – Prices will increase.  

Plan ahead for the 2016 Annual Convention!  We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix, AZ, October 20-22, 2016.   Follow the links below to register for the convention.

2016 Registration Fees:   Members*
*You will be prompted to login to the site with your SSMA username and password, if you have not already done so, before being able to register for the convention as a member)

Member Full: $295
Member One Day: $180
Member Two Day: $360

Graduate Student Member Full: $180
Graduate Student Member One Day: $100
Graduate Student Member Two Day: $200

K-12 Teacher Member Full: $180
K-12 Teacher One Day: $100
K-12 Teacher Two Day: $200

2016 Registration Fees:  NON-Members

Non-Member Full: $395
Non-Member One Day: $280
Non-Member Two Day: $560

Graduate Student Non-Member Full: $220
Graduate Student Non-Member One Day: $200
Graduate Student Non-Member Two Day: $400

K-12 Teacher Non-Member Full: $250
K-12 Teacher Non-Member One Day: $200
K-12 Teacher Non-Member Two Day: $400