Important Deadline Dates for 2016 Convention

Important Deadline Dates for 2016 Convention

September 7 – All presenters must be registered for the convention by September 7, 2016.

September 23 – Convention registration prices will increase on September 23, 2016. Register early at

September 29 – The deadline for hotel reservations at the SSMA rate is September 29, 2016. Hotel Reservation Method and contact information for SSMA Convention are listed below.  Please scroll down for all of the details.

2016 Late Registration Fees:  Members

Member Full: $325
Member One Day:  $190
Member Two Day:  $370

Graduate Student Member Full:  $210
Graduate Student Member One Day:  $110
Graduate Student Member Two Day:  $210

K-12 Teacher Member Full:  $210
K-12 Teacher One Day:  $110
K-12 Teacher Two Day:  $210

2016 Late Registration Fees:  Non-Members

Non-Member Full: $425
Non-Member One Day:  $290
Non-Member Two Day:  $570

Graduate Student Non-Member Full:  $250
Graduate Student Non-Member One Day:  $210
Graduate Student Non-Member Two Day:  $410

K-12 Teacher Non-Member Full:  $280
K-12 Teacher Non-Member One Day:  $210
K-12 Teacher Non-Member Two Day:  $410