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Copyright Questions

Wiley-Blackwell Rights & Permissions, Oxford

Wiley-Blackwell Membership Services
Members’ Change of Mailing Address, Missing Issues
Michael Maroney, SSMA Representative

SSMA Membership Services
Subscribers’ Change of Mailing Address, Missing Issues
SSMA Central Office

Manuscript Submission or General Questions about the Journal
Carla Johnson, Editor
Shelly Harkness, Co-Editor
Megan Wuebker, Managing Editor

Interested in serving on a Committee or Volunteering
Stacy Reeder, President

Information about Awards
Christa Jackson, Award Committee Chair

Convention (program, speaker proposal etc.)
Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, Conference Chair
Conference Co-Chairs – University of Kentucky Department of STEM Education

Other Questions about SSMA
SSMA Central Office
Co-Executive Directors, Melanie Shores, and Tommy Smith
University of Alabama Birmingham
School of Education EB 246B
Birmingham, AL 35924-1250
Telephone: 205-934-5067