SSMA actually began in 1901 but has undergone several name changes over the years. The Association, begun in Chicago, was first named the Central Association of Physics Teachers with C. H. Smith named as President. In 1902, the Association became theCentral Association of Science and Mathematics Teachers (CASMT) and C. H. Smith continued as President. July 18, 1928 marked the formal incorporation of CASMT in the State of Illinois on. On December 8, 1970, the Association changed its name to School Science and Mathematics Association. Now, the organizational name aligned with the title of the journal and embraced the national and international status the organization had managed for many years. Throughout its entire history, the Association has served as a sounding board and enabler for numerous related organizations (e.g. Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).

SSMA Leadership Throughout the Years

SSMA Past Presidents
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SSMA Conventions are currently held annually in the Fall with the site varying year to year.  For a complete list of past conventions, click here.