Elected Board Members

President, 2016-2018
Stacy Reeder, University of Oklahoma

President-Elect, 2017-2019
Suzanne Nesmith, Baylor University

Past-President, 2016-2018
Gilbert Naizer, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Co-Executive Directors, 2014-2019
Melanie Shores, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Tommy Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Journal Editor and Office, 2011-2021
Carla Johnson, Purdue University
Shelly Harkness, University of Cincinnati

Newsletter Editor, 2016-2018
Georgia Cobbs, University of Montana

Directors-at-Large, 2016-2019
Megan Che, Clemson University
Andrea Milner, Adrian College

Directors-at-Large, 2015-2018
Ken Miller, Montana State University Billings
Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, University of Kentucky

Directors-at-Large, 2014-2017
Charles Emenaker, University of Cincinnati
Elaine Tuft, Utah Valley University

SSMA Committee Membership
Committee Members Contact Information

Awards and Endowment
Christa Jackson, Chair, 2016-2019
Co-Chairman (shall be a past president of the Association)
Cornelis (Kees) de Groot, 2015-2018
Jeremy Winters, 2015-2018
William (Bill) Jasper, 2016-2019
Cynthia C. Orona, 2016-2019
Jennifer Cribbs, 2017-2020

Lloyd Barrow, 2017-2020

Megan Che (Chair),  2017-2020
Nancy Caukin,  2015-2018
Jane Metty,  2015-2018
Benjamin (Ben) Wescoatt,  2016-2019
Stephanie Hathcock,  2016-2019
Tim Laubach,   2017-2020
Kristina Gill,  2017-2020
Ex-Officio – local convention chairperson(s) for the two (2) years preceding and the year following the annual convention they chair.

Stacy Reeder (Chair), 2015-2018
Susan Cooper,  2015-2018
Michael Dornoo,  2015-2018
Shirley Matteson, 2016-2019
Stephen Scogin, 2016-2019
Greg Chamblee,  2017-2020
Brian Fortney, 2017-2020
Suzanne Nesmith, (President-Elect/Past President), 2017-2018 Ex-Officio
Tommy Smith, Ex-Officio
Melanie Shores, Ex-Officio

Andrea Milner (Chair), 2017-2020
Lynn Columba, 2015-2018
Erin Dixon, 2016-2018
Luke Lyons, 2016-2019
Reuben Asempapa, 2016-2019
Oscar Chavez,  2017-2020
Kate Raymond, 2017-2020

Nomination and Election
Ken Miller (Chair,) 2015-2018
Julie Angle, 2015-2018
Sandi Cooper,  2015-2018
Don Balka,  2016-2019
Juliana Utley,  2016-2019
Trena Wilkerson,  2017-2020
Sean Yee, 2017-2020

Toni Ivey (Chair),  2016-2019
Brian Evans, 2015-2018
Craig Schroeder,  2015-2018
Michael Diaga,  2016-2019
Heidi Higgins,  2016-2019
Laura Sample McMeeking,  2017-2020
James Telese, 2017-2020
Suzanne Nesmith, (President-Elect/Past President), 2017-2018 Ex-Officio

Margaret Mohr-Schroeder (Chair), 2012-2018
Dittika Gupta,  2015-2018
Adrienne Redmond-Sanogo,  2015-2018
Molly Weinburg,  2016-2019
Rayelynn Connole, 2016-2019
Catherine Maiorca,  2017-2020
Hsing Wen Hu, 2017-2020

Committee Members Contact Information