Megan Che (South Carolina, Math)

megan che

Associate Professor
College of Education
Clemson, SC

Current Academic Responsibilities  

Conducts a productive research program investigating social justice issues (particularly related to gender) in mathematics teaching and learning. Teaches undergraduate and graduate courses (capstone, methods, and content) in mathematics education. Serves on or chairs graduate student committees and supervises student teachers. Serves as an advisor for honors undergraduate research projects.

Recent Accomplishments   

Recipient, with LaGarrett King and Ashley Woodson, of the Kipchoge Neftali Kirkland Social Justice Award for 2015. Presented by the College and University Faculty Assembly for the paper, Educative Psychic Violence: Articulating and Resisting the Ramifications of Slavery Math Problems.

Recipient of the Eugene T. Moore School of Education Excellence in Teaching Award, Spring, 2009.

Mokalled, S., & Che, S.M. (2013). Cognitive rigor of questions asked in single-sex and coeducational classes. Poster presented at the HEHD Research Forum, Clemson University. Award winner for Undergraduate Research Poster.

Service to SSMA  

School Science and Mathematics Association Elections Committee Member, 2014-2017

Vision for SSMA  

It would be an incredible honor to serve on the board of the School Science and Mathematics Association, particularly at this moment in time, where interdisciplinary communities of scholars and practitioners are increasingly important. I believe the SSMA has an influential role to play in the narratives highlighting the importance of STEM, STEAM, and STREAM in schools because, after all, SSMA has been creating interdisciplinary connections for decades. SSMA stands well positioned to model interdisciplinary structures for our colleagues working to further STEM/STEAM/STREAM and I would be proud to be a part of SSMA’s significant potential to promote interdisciplinary perspectives in education.