For School Science and Mathematics Association

The SSMA Monograph Guidelines follow a three-stage approval process.

Stage One. Query Letter

First, a general interest inquiry is to be submitted to, and then reviewed by, the Publications Committee. This query letter should include the Monograph Editor, probable authors, rationale, background, and introduction and range of topics of the focus subject. A brief Editor’s vita should accompany the letter.

Stage Two. Proposal
Upon approval of the letter of interest, a proposal is to be submitted electronically to the Chair of the Publications Committee. This proposal should include a proposed Table of Contents, the introductory (or editorial) chapter, outlines of each chapter (or article) with description and rationale for each, and a timeline of submission of the full monograph. This proposal must first be approved by the Publications Committee, then forwarded to Board of Directors for Board approval.

Stage Three. Draft of Full Monograph
Upon Board approval of the proposal, a draft of the full monograph is to be submitted to the Chair of the Publications Committee. This full proposal is to be reviewed by the Publications Committee, then, if approved, by the Board of Directors for approval. The final draft of the full monograph is the responsibility of the monograph editor.

Note: Approval of any stage of the submission can be rescinded if the Monograph Editor misses the timelines approved by the Committee and the Board. The Chair of the Publications Committee will act as a liaison between the Board and the Monograph Editor and will be responsible for checking concurrence with the timeline.

If you are interested in proposing a monograph, please review the guidelines and contact the Chair of Publications Carla Johnson.