Ron Zambo (ASU, Math)

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education
Arizona State University

Recent Accomplishments

Before retiring on January 1, 2016 I was a tenured professor in the Teachers College at ASU.  I taught math methods to prospective elementary education teachers, worked with EdD students, served on various committees, and was the PI on many teacher training grants.

I was chosen as one of a team of three, to be the Program Evaluator for 10 ITQ Improving Teacher Quality Grants for the 2016 funding cycle.

Service to SSMA and professional organizations

I have been on the SSMA Board for six years, was Chair of the Awards and Endowment Committee, and was Chair of the Convention Program Committee for the 2016 Convention in Phoenix.

Vision for SSMA

SSMA is an honored and longstanding organization beginning in 1901 and publishing a journal, School Science and Mathematics, of which Volume 1, Issue 1 came out in March of 1901.  I view the membership and the archives of School Science and Mathematics as valuable assets of the organization.  When first founded, the association’s focus was on science; mathematics was added over time.  In today’s day and age, it seems like technology should also become an emphasis.  I am not suggesting a name change here, but a trend toward valuing technology as a vehicle of science and mathematics.