2016 Annual Convention

Plan ahead for the 2016 Annual Convention!  We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix, AZ, October 20-22, 2016.

2016 Registration Fees:   Members
Member Full: $295
Member One Day: $180
Member Two Day: $360

Graduate Student Member Full: $180
Graduate Student Member One Day: $100
Graduate Student Member Two Day: $200

K-12 Teacher Member Full: $180
K-12 Teacher One Day: $100
K-12 Teacher Two Day: $200

2016 Registration Fees:  NON-Members

Non-Member Full: $395
Non-Member One Day: $280
Non-Member Two Day: $560

Graduate Student Non-Member Full: $220
Graduate Student Non-Member One Day: $200
Graduate Student Non-Member Two Day: $400

K-12 Teacher Non-Member Full: $250
K-12 Teacher Non-Member One Day: $200
K-12 Teacher Non-Member Two Day: $400

SSSMA News update

The 2016 convention will continue to feature a peer-review conference proceedings. Anyone accepted to the 2016 convention is invited to submit a paper! The papers – empirical or practitioner, not to exceed 8 pages including tables, figures, and references – are due AUGUST 1, 2016. Be sure that you follow the correct format – see SSMA Proceedings Guidelines below. For your convenience below is a template for the paper (research or practitioner). If you have any further questions, please contact us at ssmaproceedings@gmail.com

SSMA Proceedings Format Requirements

SSMA Proceedings Research Paper Format

SSMA Proceedings Practitioner Paper Format